The Leviathan Chronicles | The Rapscallion Agency

The Leviathan Chronicles | The Rapscallion Agency

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The Rapscallion Agency | Chapter 9 - Cutthroats and Canines Part 2
January 31, 2023

With Victor dead, Merodach will do anything to take back Cookie the Rat for VeyTech. He turns his attention to Lisette and Cluracan who are both badly injured. Back at his Lair, Raptor decrypts more o

The Rapscallion Agency | Chapter 8 - Cutthroats and Canines Part 1
January 24, 2023

Cluracan and Lisette visit Raptor to try to decrypt the data they believe is stored in Cookies cybernetic brain. Using Raptors supercomputer, they discover evidence of the illegal experiments that V

The Rapscallion Agency | Chapter 7 - Decoys & Demons
January 17, 2023

Dr. Venesois and Merodach track Lisette and Cluracan to the garage in Grigny. They threaten to kill the young couple if they dont return the rat the stole from VeyTech. Cluracan uses The Eclair as a

The Rapscallion Agency | Chapter 6 - Blades & Bluffs
January 09, 2023

Lisette and Cluracan are on the run! The pair must evade Paris Police and someone in a white coat shooting at them, all while Cluracan races The Eclair bakery van through the narrow streets of Paris.

Introducing Adrenaline
January 06, 2023

This week, we would like to introduce you to Adrenaline: Low Life, a new show from Realm.

Introducing Down and Nerdy
December 30, 2022

Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!

Introducing Epic: Ctrl-Alt-Destroy
December 16, 2022

This week, we would like to introduce you to Epic: Ctrl-Alt Destroy, a new show from Realm

The Leviathan Chronicles | Christmas Special
December 06, 2022

Happy Holidays from everyone at Leviathan Audio Productions! The Rapscallion Agency will return on January 10th 2023. In the meantime we hope you'll enjoy the annual release of our special holiday episode. In this crossover episode with The Byron Chronic

The Rapscallion Agency | Chapter 5 - Rats & Rapscallions
November 29, 2022

Victor offers Lisette and Cluracan a lucrative job testing the security at VeyTechs research laboratories, but the assignment seems like it could be too good to be true

The Rapscallion Agency | Chapter 4 - Love & Lions
November 22, 2022

Adele tries to help Lisette by setting her up for a high paying job, seducing her bosss husband, whose wife suspects him of cheating