Let's Talk Oral Surgery

Let's Talk Oral Surgery

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009 – How to Future-proof Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with Dr. Srinivasa Chandra
March 29, 2021

Marcus Hwang discusses the future of OMS training with Dr. Srinivasa Chandra. They try to answer the question "how do you future-proof your learning?". Does your specific profession mean anything anymore or is the future of healthcare based on the chie...

008 – The Transition from Residency to Workforce with Dr. Sohaib Soliman
March 16, 2021

Chief resident Sohaib Soliman shares his experience in transitioning from his final years of residency at the University of Buffalo to private practice. He shares his insight on what to look for when scouting out practice locations,

007 – Who are the Women in OMFS with Dr. Anderson, Donnelly, Linnebur
February 28, 2021

Marcus Hwang and his three guests have an important conversation about the challenges women face when entering OMS. They dissect the question on why there are so few women in OMS, discuss various factors that deter women from applying into the surgical...

006 – Part 1: What is the History of Ambulatory Surgery Centers for OMS with Dr. Jeffrey Carter
February 15, 2021

Marcus Hwang explores Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) in a two-part series with Dr. Jeffrey Carter. In Part 1, they focus on the history of ASCs in the United States and its relevance to OMS. They explore insurance reimbursement changes that affected ...

005 – How to Manage Student Loans as an OMS with Rob Bertman
January 31, 2021

Marcus Hwang explores student loan management with Rob Bertman, a senior consultant for Student Loan Planner. SLP consults with learners who have six-figure student debts and helps individualize payment plans.

004 – Match Day 2021 during COVID with Dr. Danielle Ploussard
January 18, 2021

Congratulations to all those who went through the interview season this year. It was tough and confusing for everyone, especially with the COVID pandemic and the web-interview adaptations. Marcus Hwang briefly explores several options for those of you ...

003 – How to Build the Perfect Hybrid Practice with Dr. Eric Dierks
January 10, 2021

Marcus Hwang explores with Dr. Eric J. Dierks MD, DMD, FACS, FACD, FRCS(Ed) on the major factors behind the success of establishing Head and Neck Surgical Associates (HNSA | www.head-neck.com) as a prominent hybrid private practice in Portland,

Episode 002: Is the MD Within Reach for OMS
December 29, 2020

Marcus Hwang explores with Dr. Mark Engelstad on the relevance of the medical degree to the modern day OMS. Can OMS residencies keep the medical degree as an option as requirements for medical licensure changes?

001 – Welcome to Let’s Talk Oral Surgery With Dr. Marcus Hwang
December 28, 2020

Join oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) resident Marcus Hwang as he explores important conversations about OMS ranging from topics including the future of OMS, advances in technology, business strategies, and much more.