Let's Celebrate Life Together

Let's Celebrate Life Together

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Let’s Celebrate Life Together, Eric
November 16, 2015

This is an interview where we talked to my friend Eric Miller. Come find out more about his life; I was certainly surprised at what ...

Let’s Celebrate Life Together, Alex
November 11, 2015

This week, on LCLT, we interview a student named Alex. 

Let’s Celebrate Life Together, Gebah Gobah
November 06, 2015

Check out another episode of Let's Celebrate Life Together. This week, we interviewed Gebah Gobah. 

Let’s Celebrate Life Together, CCO Interview
October 26, 2015

Check out this interview I was able to do with a bunch of my coworkers on our quarterly retreat!

Let’s Celebrate Life Together, James and Nick
October 20, 2015

This is the very first interview that we have ever done live in studio! As well, it is the very first doubles interview we have ...

Interview with Tony
October 06, 2015

This is an interview done with Tony. It covers topics of suicide, fatherlessness, hope, loneliness and more. You don't want to miss it!

Interview with Caroline
September 29, 2015

This is an interview done with Caroline Wu in Shippensburg.

Ali Interview
September 21, 2015

On this episode of Let's Celebrate Life Together, we interview Ali Bozkurt, a Turkish immigrant at a local college.

Dominic Interview
September 15, 2015

This is an interview done with Dominic Giovaniello at Shippensburg University.

Let’s Celebrate Life Together Ep. 1
September 01, 2015

Welcome to Let's Celebrate Life Together, the podcast! These are recorded radio shows and interviews of students, faculty and staff at Shippensburg University. This is ...