Lethal Weapon, Too Podcast

Lethal Weapon, Too Podcast

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Lethal Weapon, Too S02E02 with Ian Harper
May 29, 2016

our friend ian stops by to ruin our lives, again

Lethal Weapon, Too (S02E01) Return of the Hack
May 09, 2016

After taking a month off for drinking and drug abuse, ADAM and Dave are back at it for a special sunday morning podcast. No guest this week, just going over what we want for season 2, what happened and how many pigs were involved during the...

Leathal Weapon, Too #30 (Mac Purp Guests]
April 09, 2016

I think mac purp might actually be the perfect human. He is smart and funny and i love him!!!!

Leathal Weapon, Too (DMX Guests)
April 01, 2016

World renowned rapper and member of the rap boy band DAHAGOT stops by to shoot the breeze.

Lethal Weapon, Too #27 (C-Smitty Guests)
March 25, 2016

talking law enforcement and how it works

Figure It Out With Briana Tatanish Episode #1
March 20, 2016

Adam, Dave and Bbbbbbbz stop by the figure it out studios in portland oregon and girls rock. Help Us

Lethal Weapon, Too #26 (Ian Harper Guests)
March 13, 2016

Ian Harper swings by and degenerates us.

Lethal Weapon, Too #25 (Frankie Boots Guests)
February 27, 2016

We did almost a full show and relaized we weren't recurrent it. Adam was forced to leave for a super hot date. Fanknendave talk about shit after Adam leaves. ("The Daves of Our Lives) Boots and Dave sing about fucking their dads.

Lethal Weapon, Too #24 (Coach Nick Mattos Guests)
February 19, 2016

Co-Host of KSRO's "Overtime with Nick and Bob" stops by to talk high school baseball coaching Dave, football, El Molino pride, and MMA. But lesbionest this show is mostly about pro wrestling.

Lethal Weapon, Too #23 (Count Salaz Guests)
February 06, 2016

Former lion tamer Count Salaz stops by and explains how to be not be a dork and win like a warrior