Leather + Love

Leather + Love


May 05, 2019

Leather & Love is a podcast hosted by "Miss Aurora" and "Miss Teresa" - friends, collaborators, kink enthusiasts, and co-creators of the digital series Incredible Girl. It's a podcast devoted to the intersection between kink and other parts of your life where they hope to demystify kink by talking about the ways in which kink and the mainstream can coexist.

Episode Nine of Leather & Love is all about warm, liquidy sensations. And lest you think we're talking about urine, we'd just like to tell you that...you're right. We totally get into Golden Showers in this episode. But we start you off with candle wax, because even if you're into it, you probably don't wanna go RIGHT for the Golden Showers, right? And, I mean, if you do, what are you listening to a podcast for? Go get them showers! But for the rest of you, here's a podcast. Candle wax and Golden Showers. Let's do this.


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Hosts/Executive Producers: Celia Aurora de Blas and Teresa Jusino

Teresa's Twitter/IG: @teresajusino
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Leather & Love: a podcast for everyday kinksters.