Leather Century 21 podcast

Leather Century 21 podcast

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LC007 - On Being A Master
January 21, 2016

  Being a Master in the Leather world of power exchange 

LC005 - Teaching and Training
August 19, 2015

This week, Sgt Major talks about teaching and training. He debunks some of the styles that don't exist and talks about gateways into the lifestyles. 

LC004 - Petition to Serve
August 11, 2015

On this episode ofLeather: Century 21, Sgt Major discusses a petition to server Don't miss an episode! Part of the Erotic Awakening Podcast Network Click the banner above for other great shows spanning the realm of BDSM, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra,...

LC003 - H.E.A.R.T
June 27, 2015

This week, Sgt Major talks about the H.E.A.R.T of Leather Century 21

LC002 - Building Ms Relationships
June 17, 2015

This week, Sgt Major explores building healthy and sustanable M/s relationships. 

LC001 - Leather Century 21
June 15, 2015

An introduction to Leather in the 21rst century