Learning from Smart People

Learning from Smart People

89 Victoria Vanstone: How to Make Changes in Your Life

February 16, 2021

Victoria Vanstone joined the Learning from Smart People Podcast to talk about how to make changes in your life. She is from "Down Under" on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. During the podcast, Victoria and host Rob Oliver discussed Victoria's journey from Drunk Mummy to Sober Mummy.
Here are some of the highlights from this episode of Learning from Smart People:

Motivators in making major life changes
The results of making changes in your life
Finding what you didn't know you were missing
Dealing with guilt, shame and fear
Unlocking creativity by walking away from substance abuse
Understanding how your past influences your self-concept and changing that

You can find out more about Victoria Vanstone through her website and social media links:
Website: http://www.drunkmummysobermummy.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/drunkmummysobermummy
Instagram:  http://www.instagram.com/drunkmummysobermummy
If you're curious about the Netflix Documentary she mentioned, it's called "My Octopus Teacher". Here is a link to the trailer:
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