Motivation & Inspiration from Learn Develop Live with Chris Jaggs

Motivation & Inspiration from Learn Develop Live with Chris Jaggs

Your Motivational Moment #74 - Tyrese Gibson: Change your mind!

November 11, 2021

The Learn Develop Live podcast brings you, ‘Your Motivational Moment!’

Bringing you some of the best speakers and teachers from across the globe, their words and wisdom will help empower you with the motivation and inspiration you need to drive you towards your best days! 

This week we have Tyrese Gibson!

The audio featured in this episode is credited to Self Motivation on YouTube.
If you’re struggling right now, you aren’t alone.  Everyone is fighting their own battle in some kind of way, it just might be different to yours.

Maybe you’re lacking confidence, maybe you feel trapped in a job hate, maybe you’re scared of trying to make a break for it.

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We can talk about what you feel is holding you back…
We can talk about what you should do next to kick-start your life…

Talking to a stranger can be a bit daunting, I get it but our chat is a level playing field…
No judgement, no opinion, just two people, you and me who want the best for you.

Let’s chat soon!

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