Motivation & Inspiration from Learn Develop Live with Chris Jaggs

Motivation & Inspiration from Learn Develop Live with Chris Jaggs

The Weekly Episode #103 - Why ‘showing up‘ is your greatest ability!

November 08, 2021

Welcome to episode 103 of the weekly Learn Develop Live podcast, ‘Why showing up is your greatest ability!’

When you think of super heroes, you might well think of super powers,  Super strength, being able to fly, invisibility, maybe even time travel.  But what if the greatest ability and even ‘super power’ you could have was actually to ‘show up?’  Being visible (as oppose to being invisible) and being present every day?

As simple as that sounds, being able to ‘show up’ is one of the hardest things to do for so many people. And it is especially so if you are a beginner in whatever field of expertise you are trying to break into. It goes hand in hand with the feeling of that dreaded ‘imposter syndrome’ that scares people into a shell. Doubting your abilities and believing that you are actually a fraud and have no business whatsoever doing what you are trying to do.

Continue to be inspired with the motivation to help you ‘level up’ every day!

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