The Business of Podcasting - Audio Advertising

The Business of Podcasting - Audio Advertising

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The Future Is Listening- from RSS to Streaming Podcasts
October 13, 2017

This week we delve into delivery, from RSS to streaming podcasts we talk about what the future might be for the listening experience. Whether on-demand or curated streams the future is listening.  Our hosts are Heather Osgood (@hmosgood) of True...

Understanding Podcast Distribution
October 06, 2017

This week we explore the many places that podcasts are heard today and where we think they may be heard in the future. From home, to car, to mobile phones, podcasts are popping up everywhere and presenting new exposure opportunities for advertisers....

Understanding the World of Podcast Agencies and Advertising
September 27, 2017

From large agencies to small networks, from search engines to small agencies we explore the world of podcasting advertising and how you can engage for the benefit of your brand. Our hosts are Heather Osgood (@heatherosgood) of True Native Media, ...

We Discuss the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and How They Relate to the Business of Podcasting.
September 20, 2017

This week we tackle advertising standards and how terrestrial radio is interacting with podcasting. Our hosts are Heather Osgood (@heatherosgood) of True Native Media,  Jessica Kupferman (@jesskupferman) of JK Media Agency, and Rae Palermo...

Recap Podcast Movement 2017- What Advertisers Need To Know
September 12, 2017

We help advertisers understand and get the most out of their podcast media dollars. This week we recap the highlights and lowlights of Podcast Movement 2017- the biggest podcast industry event of the year. Our hosts are Heather Osgood (@heatherosgood)...

The State Of Podcast Business with Heather, Jessica, and Rae
September 01, 2017

Welcome to our new format!  We welcome two new co-hosts to Business of Podcasting- Jessica Kupferman (@jesskupferman) of JK Media Agency and Rae Palermo (@strawbrry14) of Strawberry Hill Productions.  Join us for insight and intrigue about...

Apple to Provide Listener Stats (ft. Rae Palermo)
July 14, 2017

It has been long discussed that what is really holding back the podcast industry is the lack of metrics. We haven't been able to pull back the curtain and see fully who is listening to ads. Apple is about to make big changes and might possibly provide...

The Podcast Consumer
June 13, 2017

Who is #listening to #podcasts? In this episode find out who is listening to podcasts and why they are valuable #customers for your #products.

Effective Podcast Advertising
May 23, 2017

The effectiveness of an #advertising campaign is top of mind for any #marketing executive. In this episode we explore podcast advertising and dive into techniques to monitor the effectiveness of your podcast advertising campaign.

Ad Penetration
March 09, 2017

Are your ads truly speaking and being heard by your target market? In today's episode we discuss how penetration is accomplished.