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The LEAD Women Podcast

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45: Business, Baby & Brain Injury with Valerie Edwards
May 28, 2020

HAYYYYYYY. We have the most special treat for you today. @ashleykampman and her bestie from college @valerie1473 are having the longest conversation ever to be recorded for the LEAD Women Podcast. ______________________________

44: Are you stretched or strained?
May 25, 2020

There's a difference between challenging yourself to stretch and grow and straining yourself as you try to achieve things. - Four questions to consider and use to self-evaluate: What is my current health capacity? How am I?

43: Jordan Clark | Love, Loss, Women in Ministry & Breaking New Ground
May 21, 2020

We are thrilled to have our first man on our podcast! He's a friend of ours and we love what he's doing! - Jordan is a part-time Kids Pastor and a university campus worker at the University of Regina. - Jordan talks about the loves of his life,

42: Bravery in Identity
May 18, 2020

You will only be authentically brave when you are living on the right foundation. - In today's podcast episode, Ashley and Carmen are talking about having an identity build on truth so that you can bravely show up in the world. -

Kaitlyn Cey, Director of Inspire Our Nation
May 15, 2020

On today's special episode of The LEAD Women Podcast, we are thrilled to be having a conversation with the Director of Inspire Our Nation, Kaitlyn Cey. (Carmen apologizes in advance for her mic quality, she is still learning to get the tech to work pro...

39: How to Survive with Special Guest Lisa Deustch
May 14, 2020

In this gripping conversation, Lisa shares with our LEAD Women community about surviving cancer, single motherhood, leaving an abusive relationship and all the lessons these different experiences have taught her. -

40: The Client Funnel
May 11, 2020

From start to finish, what's a Client Funnel? - In today's episode, Ashley and Carmen and having a conversation about the Client Funnel. - Here are the essential steps: - 1. Have an Exclamation Call that brings people to the solution you are solving...

38: Mentoring in the Mess
May 04, 2020

Today on the LEAD Women Podcast, Ashley and Carmen are talking about mentoring in a mess. - Our talking points include: Hard situations like this are out of the norm. Global Pandemics are not, nor would we ever want them to be frequent occurrence...

37: Limiting Beliefs, Single Motherhood & Starting a Business with Rebecca Nash
April 30, 2020

We are excited to have a guest voice on the podcast today! @rebeccanashphotography is an incredible photographer and an online entrepreneur. NOT TO MENTION - we are absolutely in love with the colour of her hair. -

36: They Sucky Thing About Sucky Things
April 27, 2020

Do things suck right now? Yeah, we get it. Sucky things that happen really suck. - What should we do when sucky things happen? Embrace the suck. It's okay to acknowledge that it's a hard season right now. And during this hard season,