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Leading Learning Podcast

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370: Authenticity and Revenue Acceleration with Brent Keltner
August 15, 2023

There are three goals at the heart of almost all learning businesses: reach, revenue, and impact. Generating revenue is essential in helping learning businesses reach the right audience and make an im

369: Modern Learning with Sae Schatz
August 08, 2023

Learning ecosystems, learning engineering, learning in the flow of life and workthese could be a list of top buzzwords. But each has gained attention for a reason. Each is important in the design and

368: External Innovation and Learning Businesses
August 01, 2023

Innovation is crucial to the continued success of any organization, and thats arguably truer for learning businesses than it is for many other types of organizations because of their focus on externa

367: Talking Taxonomies and Metadata with Stephanie Lemieux
July 25, 2023

Managing content well and communicating effectively with audiences are two key competencies needed by a learning business that wants to thrive, and taxonomies and metadata can play an important role i

366: Leadership, Happiness, and Positive Psychology with L. Michelle Smith
July 18, 2023

Empathy is essential to both learner-centered design and effective leadership, and empathy with doubly disadvantaged individuals, like Black women, can be that much more importantand rare. L. Michell

365: Travel and Learning
July 11, 2023

Travel can serve as a field laboratory for learning. Whether a trip is short or long, near or far, done alone or with others, travel offers an opportunity to learn. In this episode, co-hosts Jeff Cobb

364: Redux: Revisiting Adult Learning Theory
July 04, 2023

If we had to pick just one thing as the key to the success of a learning business, we would argue for the learning experiences offered because those learning experiences are at the core of what learni

363: The Liberal Arts and Critical Thinking with Jeffrey Scheuer
June 27, 2023

Its an old debate in education, whether learning needs to be for something or whether learning in and of itself is of value. Looking at the rise of STEM and the growing focus on skills-based, job-rel

362: Beach Reads: Our Antidote to Summer Learning Loss
June 20, 2023

The traditional long summer break from school in the U.S. can mean fun in the sunand summer learning loss (SLL). While SLL is a documented phenomenon, not all K-12 students lose the same skills and k

361: Designing for Belonging with Dr. Susie Wise
June 13, 2023

To be a learner, we have to identify as a learner, and belonging is critical to self-identification. That means all learning businesses need to think about how they can create situations and offerings