Lawyer Talk Off The Record

Lawyer Talk Off The Record

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108 – The Original Bluegrass of Dwayne Napper – Special Guest Series
June 19, 2019

Ohio's own Dwayne Napper performs some of his original songs, including "Rodeo Clown," live in-studio for the Lawyer Talk audience and crew. Dwayne talks about country, bluegrass, growing up in Vinton County, getting his start in music,

107 – It’s a Grand Old Flag! Lawyer Talk Flag Day
June 12, 2019

Love it or hate it, Old Glory has a birthday every June 14.  Hear all about the Flag, how to handle it, and the history of Flag Day.  The Lawyer Talk crew discusses the First Amendment, Colin Kaepernick, patriotism, nationalism,

106 – Doc Pelloski and the Cancer Scare
June 05, 2019

What substances and foods cause cancer? Is inflammation the real culprit behind many cancers? Special guest Doc Pelloski is an expert on cancer biology and shares actual scientific study data with us. He explains the different effects that smoke and va...

105 – The Case of Masonique Saunders
May 29, 2019

Julius Tate, Jr. pulled a gun on an undercover officer in a sting operation and was killed by another police officer. So why was his girlfriend Masonique Saunders charged with his murder?  The lawyers of Lawyer Talk discuss juvenile bindovers,

104 – Crystal Bruce Follow Up – What Happened
May 22, 2019

Last week we discussed the The Crystal Bruce murder trial that was about to begin - now we tell you what actually happened. Listen in to get the rest of the story and hear what Shawn Belville's family had to say, what will happen to Crystal Bruce,

103 – The Akron Murder Trial of Crystal Bruce
May 15, 2019

The Crystal Bruce murder trial is about to get underway in Akron. Get an insider's look at behind-the-scenes information surrounding this stranger-than-fiction true crime story. Shawn Belville, 44, died of a stab wound in September 2017 at the home tha...

102 – Hackers, Lawyers, Cyber Crimes and Internet Security
May 08, 2019

What exactly is hacking and how do you protect yourself from it? John Sellers, who was 8 when he built his first computer, shares internet security knowledge that can help keep you safe. What is the easiest way to prevent people from accessing your web...

101 – Seascaping and Bitcoin
May 01, 2019

An American who made a ton of money in Bitcoin decides he wants to be free from any country's laws and decides to create his own Utopian Waterworld off of the coast of Thailand. Thinking he was "seascaping" in untouchable international waters,

100 – What is Entrapment? The Legend of Cocaine Island
April 24, 2019

What do Netflix, "Back to the Future," and federal court have in common? The guys talk cars, DeLorean, the new Netflix documentary, “The Legend of Cocaine Island,” what constitutes entrapment, federal drug cases and being a federal agent’s “unicorn,

099 – Is CBD Legal?
April 17, 2019

CBD oils and products are everywhere - but is buying, selling, and using them actually legal? Some people mistakenly thought that the 2014 Farm Bill made CBD oil legal, but a man from Lewis Center, Ohio was recently stopped with a half empty vial of CB...