Lawyer Talk: Off the Record

Lawyer Talk: Off the Record

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More Viral Talk with Doc Pelloski
April 14, 2020

Here about the latest science, non-science, and medical discoveries about the dreaded COVID-19. Then hear how the shutdowns and government decisions on "essential" business might run afoul of due process. Then the crew finishes with some discussion of

Blitz Wednesday on Lawyer Talk
April 09, 2020

Another Blitz Wednesday on Lawyer Talk. Jared and Steve Pipe in remotely to take calls with Randi and Loper on The Blitz 99.7. Tune in as the guys discuss all things COVID-19 and provide insight into the legal issues we are all facing. You might even lear

Steve Palmer with Loper & Randi on The Blitz 99.7
April 02, 2020

Lawyer Talk on The Blitz 99.7!  If you missed the regular free legal advice segment on The Blitz with Loper and Randi, here is your chance to catch up. Hear Steve‚Äôs free legal segment as the Lawyer Talk crew pipe in remotely. The Show mus

COVID-19 Update with Dr. Pelloski
March 27, 2020

The Lawyer Talk guys, Steve and Jared, dig deep into their bunkers and into the COVID-19 pandemic. Guest Dr. Pelloski discusses numbers, timeline, and how to beat the virus. Hear a no-nonsense description of how scientists are "flattening the curve" i

Wednesdays With Loper & Randi on The Blitz
March 25, 2020

Another special Wednesday edition of Lawyer Talk. Steve in the studio, Jared piped in remotely, keeping their social distance and taking Q & A from The Blitz Nation 99.7 with Loper and Randi. High tech free legal advise. The show must go on! Rec

COVID-19 Update with Dr. Pelloski
March 25, 2020

Hunker down in the bunker for another fireside Lawyer Talk chat. Steve Palmer and Dr. Pelloski continue to provide ongoing insight into the COVID-19 pandemic. Curious about a solution? Tune in and listen up. Dr. Pelloski shares his foolproof method to

COVID-19 Update With Dr. Pelloski
March 23, 2020

Jared and Steve have another Fireside Chat with Dr. Pelloski.  Get insight into the science of the virus and learn how and why we got to this point. The guys discuss the economic impact on their businesses and the unique nature of the United S

The Real Scoop on the COVID-19 Virus
March 20, 2020

The Lawyer Talk Crew taps Dr. Pelloski for some medical and scientific insight into viruses, how they are created, and what is needed to fight them.  They talk specifics about COVID-19 and why this one is different.  Hear some non-biased, di

Steve Palmer on WRKZ The Blitz
March 18, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Steve was on WRKZ 99.7 The Blitz ( via phone from the 511 Studios. He's joined by the Lawyer Talk usuals. Unusual circumstances overcome by podcast technology. The sho

Special Guest Bobbie Dodds
March 12, 2020

Buckle up and tune in. The Lawyer Talk crew goes for a ride with Comedian Bobbie Dodds.  The guys go deep into the life of a comedian and then take on the biggest political issues of the day.  Hear different opinions on socialism, gover