Lawyer Talk: Off the Record

Lawyer Talk: Off the Record

Wednesday with The Blitz

May 12, 2020

Another Lawyer Talk Blitz Wednesday with The Blitz 99.7.

Steve, Jeff, and Jared remote in with Loper and Randi. Despite some technical difficulties, they provide some legal insight to the Blitz listeners.

It's another riveting Lawyer Talk discussion about all things legal, political, and COVID-19.

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Stephen E. Palmer, Esq ( . has been practicing criminal defense almost exclusively since 1995. He has represented people in federal, state, and local courts in Ohio and elsewhere.

Though he focuses on all areas of criminal defense, he particularly enjoys complex cases in state and federal courts.

He has unique experience handling and assembling top defense teams of attorneys and experts in cases involving allegations of child abuse (false sexual allegations, false physical abuse allegations), complex scientific cases involving allegations of DUI and vehicle homicide cases with blood alcohol tests, and any other criminal cases that demand jury trial experience.

Steve has unique experience handling numerous high publicity cases that have garnered national attention.

For more information about Steve and his law firm, visit Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A ( .