Lawyer Talk: Off the Record

Lawyer Talk: Off the Record

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Introducing The Sussi Report
August 27, 2020

The shackles he painfully endured working for mainstream media are off and he is reporting the only way he knows how. Real. Raw. Relevant. Public and elected officials WILL be held accountable. This podcast is for people who support law and order and want

News Besides COVID-19, Finally
July 29, 2020

Finally some news other than COVID. Hear the crew discuss Householder, public corruption in the Ohio General Assembly, and federal RICO. ( Recorded at Channel 511, a production of 511 South High Media LL

Real History of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution
July 08, 2020

In this post July 4th episode, Lawyer Talk covers the good stuff, the bad stuff, the true stuff, and the false stuff. Tune in for some history on the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Learn about governmental powers--what the

Lawyer Talk July 4th Edition
July 02, 2020

Special Lawyer Talk July 4th Edition. Strange times are afoot. Steve and Jared assess the world, take a break for some free legal advice with the Blitz 99.7, then take on today's pressing issues. Tune in for some historic, relevant, philosophical discussi

Another Blitz Wednesday!
June 18, 2020

Lawyer Talk joins 99.7 The Blitz's Loper and Randi to provide free legal advice. After that Kenny Mock joins in for an in-depth interview and discussion about past and current events. Kenny is a professional touring comedian and co-host of his own podcast

Lawyer Talk Wednesday on The Blitz
May 27, 2020

Lawyer Talk crew discussing COVID-19, masks, and business loans during the shutdowns--all with free legal advise on The Blitz mixed in. From the 511 Studio, here the crew take phone in advise with The Blitz's Loper and Randi. You don't want to miss it. ww

Wednesday And We Are On The Blitz
May 17, 2020

Another great Wednesday! Steve Palmer, Jeff Linn, and Jared Blinsky combine Lawyer Talk with The Blitz's Loper and Randi. Hear more COVID-19 discussions about social, legal, and ethical ramifications of government orders, masks, and all things virus. Then

Wednesday with The Blitz
May 12, 2020

Another Lawyer Talk Blitz Wednesday with The Blitz 99.7. Steve, Jeff, and Jared remote in with Loper and Randi. Despite some technical difficulties, they provide some legal insight to the Blitz listeners. It's another riveting Lawyer Talk discussion about

Dr. Pelloski update on COVID-19
May 04, 2020

Another Dr. Pelloski COVID special. The crew discusses all things virus, from vaccine to death stats to masks to politics. Jared, Steve, Jeff, and Chris all give their insight into the state of the virus and its ramifications on business and personal matt

Wednesdays with Loper and Randi on The Blitz
April 30, 2020

Its 99.7 Blitz Wednesday on Lawyer Talk. Steve and Jared practice social distancing in true Lawyer Talk style. They talk virus, re-opening, and all things relevant. Hear them take a break while Steve phones in remotely with Loper and Randi on The Blitz to