Ideas, energized.

Ideas, energized.

Indoor Ag: What Can Be Contained, Can Be Sustained

September 02, 2021

Ideas, Energized: Deeper Dive Series

Presented by Larta Institute and OCP North America

Hosted by Rodger Wasson of Farm to Table Talk

Episode 8 of the Deeper Dive features Nicola Kerslake, Founder, Contain, Inc.

Nicola Kerslake, Founder of Contain Inc., joins Rodger to discuss the innovations and solutions that indoor ag can provide for our food supply chain and farming footprint. She will dive into how Contain was founded and its mission, how indoor ag can support traditional farming, and share the variety of unique spaces that be utilized for indoor farming. 

Themes: indoor agtech, investment trends, supply chain & farming footprint solutions, robotics,

Subthemes: AI, opportunities and insight for innovators