Landlord Survival Show

Landlord Survival Show

31 - Aaron DiCaprio on Rent Default Insurance

September 04, 2019

Steve and Aaron discuss rent/tenant default insurance who would benefit from it. For instance, accidental landlords that might not have the ability to do deal with cash flow issues. One of the largest stress issues being an investor is of course dealing with a tenant problem that leads to a cash flow interruption due to an eviction or vacancy.

Guest: Aaron DiCaprio – CEO
Investor. Attorney. Insurance Executive. Rent Rescue offers rent/tenant default insurance that reimburses a landlord their lost rental income when a tenant defaults. It also reimburses a landlord for certain legal expenses associated with the default.

Host: Steve Rozenberg
Co Founder of Empire Industries LLC, investor, speaker. Author of the new book Building an Empire: Failing Our Way to Millions. Learn more about Steve at


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