Landlord Survival Show

Landlord Survival Show

26 - Juan Cristales on Real Estate Investing and Flipping

May 24, 2019

Juan C. Cristales joins Steve to discuss many aspects of real estate investing and flipping.

– The fear of purchasing that first investment property
– How having a mentor to guide you through the process the first time is a huge advantage
– Don’t focus on the reasons that won’t work and find the ways it will
– Why good communication with tenants is important
– The importance of having systems that you strictly follow
– How do you find the good deals before they are gone
– When doing flips, the more you can make the fixing up part a repeatable formula the better
– Lenders that have defaulted property are a good source for investment deals
– The more you go through the process the better you get
– Change your mentality to have a “I can do this” mindset when getting started in investing

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Host: Steve Rozenberg
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