Landlord Survival Show

Landlord Survival Show

Episode 21 Jimmy Reed Real Estate Investing Trainer

March 05, 2019

Jimmy has been investing in real estate since the late 80’s and is full of lessons learned. He started out Wholesaling to local Investors in Fort Worth, TX. After a short time he created a database of local investors that he supplied Wholesale real estate investment properties to. Along the way he started supplying out of state investors who had heard about these incredible real estate investment deals with inventory of their own. He began finding Wholesale Real Estate Deals for these out of state Investors who had a desire to hold properties long term and yet still have a positive Cash Flow, not your average Dallas/Fort Worth investor’s goals especially at that time when most investors specialized in Buy, Fix, and Sell strategies.

Guest: Jimmy Reed that offers real estate investing training and started the Fort Worth Real Estate Club, the oldest real estate club in the area.

Host: Steve Rozenberg
Co Founder of Empire Industries LLC, investor, speaker. Learn more about Steve at