Your Daily Prayer

Your Daily Prayer

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A Prayer to Let Things Go
December 06, 2022

Recently I had the rare treat of grabbing dinner with some of my closest girlfriends. We began discussing our upcoming holiday plans. Within minutes the topic of in-laws, family tension, and general dread over getting together with relatives in the upcomi

A Prayer for When Money Is Tight During the Holidays
December 05, 2022

One of my familys biggest sources of worry is money. We earn our living from my husbands ever-fluctuating contracting business and my part-time ministry position, all while footing the bill for three kids to go to private school. Needless to say,...

A Prayer to Let Things Go
December 05, 2022

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An Advent Prayer for Faith
December 04, 2022

As we pray through the second candle of faith for the Advent season, may we be reminded that we serve the God who makes a way and prepares our hearts. Jesus is the Way; He is the One we are celebratin

A Prayer for the Overwhelmed Mom at Christmas
December 03, 2022

Christmastime is a beautiful and holy time of year, causing us to pause and reflect on Gods rich love for us, soaking in all its wonders, but for the overwhelmed mom, going into this season can cause a surge of panic. As excitement and anticipation...

A Prayer for Truth This Christmas
December 02, 2022

Nothing could ever take away the Truth of Christmas. Jesus is the Truth. He was born on earth as a gift to us. Its the greatest love story of all time. Lets pray to fully embrace Him this Christmas. - Meg BucherSUBSCRIBE to our sister podcasts:...

A Prayer to Prepare Him Room
December 01, 2022

We are often too easily swept away in all the magical traditions causing us to forget the true gift of the Christmas season. As we prepare our homes and families for Christmas, can we also prepare roo

A Prayer for Disappointment
November 30, 2022

When God allows for disappointment to happen in our life, we must remember that all things that come our way are meant to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in us and conform us to the image of Christ,

A Prayer for the Sick
November 29, 2022

Whether it is a pesky weeklong cold during the start of the fall weather, a chronic illness, or a serious disease. We or people we know are living life today with sickness. God did not intend for us t

Feeling Empty? Try These Words and Actions to Feed Your Soul | Coffee and Bible Time
November 28, 2022

If you enjoy listening to Your Daily Prayer, we've got another great show that you'll want to add to your playlist. Let us introduce you to Coffee and Bible Time!In this podcast, YouTube sensations MentorMama and her two daughters Ashley and...