Kris Soutar’s Tennis Journal

Kris Soutar’s Tennis Journal

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Entry 61 – Kris Gray – Tenerife Tennis Academy
May 10, 2021

Entry 61 brings you Scottish tennis coach, Kris Gray. - Kris is the co-owner of the Tenerife Tennis Academy and has had quite the tennis journey. Having trained in various European locations as a juni

Entry 60 – Being consumed
May 04, 2021

Entry 60 is a 7 minute dive into something I've been wrestling with recently. - My hope is you can relate to this topic and find personal solutions to work through it. - I would love to hear how you t

Entry 59 – Howard Green – Marine Commando to Supermovers
April 26, 2021

This journal entry brings you former Marine Commando, Howard Green. - Howard left the marines and ventured into the world of strength and conditioning. Shortly after, he was attracted by the chaotic n

Entry 58 – Be a show off
April 19, 2021

This weeks episode will feel like an actual journal entry. There is no guest as I had a week off so I decided to chat for 10 minutes on something I've changed my mind on in recent months. - Take a lis

Entry 57 – Rosie Sterk – Smashing through doors
April 12, 2021

This journal entry brings you, 17 year old tennis player, Rosie Sterk. - Rosie has just secured her full tennis scholarship at Montana University and I thought it would be great to chat around that pr

Entry 56 – Lara Suarez-Neves – To motherhood…. and beyond
April 05, 2021

I am delighted to bring you Lara Suarez-Neves, mother, tennis coach and, now, working in brand identity within the tennis world. - It is vital we get the messages from this podcast out there for peopl

Entry 55 – Nick Williams – Bringing vision to life
March 29, 2021

Journal entry 55 brings you Nick Williams, LTA level 5 tennis coach and tutor, and now, qualified nutritional therapist. - Already. this podcast has had quite the effect on me. This is a great chat ab

Entry 54 – Anne Keothavong – Searching for belonging
March 22, 2021

This journal entry brings you Anne Keothavong, former WTA player, career high ranking of 48 and now Britain's Billie Jean Cup captain (formerly Fed Cup). - This conversation is all about the sense of

Entry 53 – Mike Aitken – Changing lives for 36 years
March 15, 2021

Journal entry no.53 brings you Scottish coach, Mike Aitken. - A true Scottish tennis stalwart, who is admired by everyone in the game. One of the most honest and humble coaches you could ever meet. In

Entry 52 – Alan Beaddie – Clontarf Tennis Club Aces the Majors – St Francis Hospice
March 03, 2021

This impromptu episode brings you Irish tennis coach, Alan Beaddie. - Alan has been raising funds for St Francis Hospice for the last 4 years and has created an imaginative initiative to raise more fu