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#ProtectSuga, Jackson’s China remarks, & Kpop Idols at Fashion Week
January 27, 2023

Plus song picks from Monsta X, Stray Kids, BIBI, WayV

K-pop 2023 Predictions
January 20, 2023

Plus other song recommendations and hallyu things

K-pop in 2022
January 06, 2023

Events, Trends, Reflections, & Awards

Top K-pop Christmas / Winter Holiday Hits 2022
December 09, 2022

RMs Indigo Album, LOONA v. Blockberry, & JYP's Reaction to Fan Covers

Good, Evil, and The Law in K-Drama: Flower of Evil and Extraordinary Attorney Woo
November 25, 2022

Dramas that explore the harsh pressures to be high functioning

November 12, 2022

Plus: BTS' RM & Pharrell's talk, Sorn's gift for Lisa, & what precludes effective k-pop promotions

The "Dark Side of Kpop" Clichés
October 28, 2022

Why does it keep happening in K-pop Journalism?

Halloween Kpop Songs 2022
October 14, 2022

Some hallyuween favorites this year

What's Really Driving the Sexualization of Minors in K-Pop?
October 07, 2022

Is NewJeans old enough for sexy lyrics?

What Jackson Wang's Magic Man says about his growth as an artist
September 23, 2022

And other thirsty Jackson Wang commentary