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KPFA - The Visionary Activist Show

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The Visionary Activist Show – Growing Down (Anniversary!)
September 07, 2023

James Hillman! to honor  the 27th anniversary of the Visionary Activist show – we re-play the first show from September 5, 1996, with James Hillman… a riveting relevant resonant romp, with which Caroline riffs for the remainder of the hour…   (Note: Dream

The Visionary Activist Show – August 31, 2023
August 31, 2023

Caroline welcome Sara Calvarese, astro anarchist ally, sharing enthusos for: “The US’ Pluto Return and the upcoming outer planet astrology (Pluto moving into Aquarius, Neptune moving into Aries, and Uranus moving into Gemini). And am always willing to hav

The Visionary Activist Show – Dream News
August 24, 2023

Dream News! Tis a description and an exhortation (and title of just now and more soon council) Caroline hosts Tom Cheetham, “a rogue scholar of the imagination in esoteric Islam interweaving the planes of the real into his continuous and wonderfully whack

The Visionary Activist Show – August 17, 2023
August 17, 2023

The wedding of spiritual magic and compassionate social activism with host Caroline Casey. The post The Visionary Activist Show – August 17, 2023 appeared first on KPFA.

The Visionary Activist Show – Cooperating with Guiding Auguries
August 10, 2023

Guiding Auguries Cooling out the conflagration.Caroline re-welcomes fellow anarcho*entheo*Mytho*animistSean Padraig ODonoghue, herbalist, Bard, wizard, writerpart of our Rapid Metaphoric Response Teamhttps://otherworldwell.comNae King, nae Quin,

The Visionary Activist Show – As Above, So Below
August 03, 2023

Underworld Arraignment Accountability Special!Barbie as Inanna (great essay by Meg Ellison), True Lammas, US Pluto return, & The Yes Men continue their liberating High JinxCaroline welcomes return of fellow Libran Dragon, astro*mytho*politico Rachel L

The Visionary Activist Show – anarcho*entheo*animism festival continues
July 27, 2023

Caroline co-riffs with clips of 2 wondrous guests, Diana Beresford Kroeger, and Rachel Harris,and Peter Kropotkinwhose books serve as pledge magnetizers in our on-going anarcho*entheo*animism festivalMutual Aid, Peter Kropotkin+ Swimming in the Sac

The Visionary Activist Show – anarcho*entheo*animism
July 20, 2023

anarcho*entheo*animismSyncretism is a sacrament!Caroline re-hosts Charles Allisonauthor of No harmless power: The Life and Times of Ukrainian Anarchist Nestor Makhnothat we tease the dedicated vision,and myriad befoiblements of anarchist revolutio

The Visionary Activist Show – Guiding Culture to Sane Reverence
July 13, 2023

Dark o Moon radio, when Communitarians gather to guide culture to ingenious sane reverence,Caroline welcomes, ally Jamie Yeager.Jamie Yeager, a lifelong Texas liberal, was press secretary for Senator Eugene McCarthys independent presidential campaign

The Visionary Activist Show – De-bamboozling the Collective Dream
July 06, 2023

De-bamboozling the Collective Dream,Caroline welcomes long-time de-bamboozling accomplice, Josh Baran, that we may, with Neptune stationing, queryIs this the thing or the symbol of the thing?Josh Baran is a former Zen monk and teacher in the Soto Zen