Death Savers

Death Savers

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Death Savers - Adventure Begins
July 21, 2022

We sit down and play the D&D board game Adventure Begins. 

Death Savers - Capture the Flag Part 1
June 04, 2020

The cast of the Real Pop Culture Podcast gets together to play a "capture the flag" session of D&D

To the Sea and Beyond
May 16, 2018

Our first show with the new equipment! We pick up where we left off from the Dungeons of Fidk and...

KPC Plays D&D - The Dungeons of FIDK part 2
August 22, 2017

In this episode we wrap up our adventures inside the caves and caverns of FIDK. We also make some...

KPC Plays D&D - The Dungeons of FIDK part 1
June 27, 2017

Join us as we explore the dungeons and caves of FIDK....and what's that smell?

KPC plays D&D Episode 3
September 16, 2015

Inspired by our recent interview with R.A. Salvatore, our adventurers find themselves in Underdark.

KPC plays D&D Episode 2
September 04, 2015

This week we finish up our arena fight and tell you about the campaign we have coming up for next...

KPC Plays DnD Episode 1
August 27, 2015

We kick things off with a good old fashion arena fight. See what happens as our adventurers try t...