Knuckles on Doors - Organizing from the Ground Up

Knuckles on Doors - Organizing from the Ground Up

Latest Episodes

Episode 4 – Moving from Paper to Action
February 26, 2017

Hey you made it to meeting time! Congratulations. That means you have a pretty good idea of what the environment looks like and have a basic set of goals to jump off on. This first meeting is going to be about getting people on board,

Episode 3 – Getting Ducks in a Row
February 12, 2017

So you have your quest and a general idea of who you need on board to be successful. Now it’s time to put some more meat on those bones and get ready to go public and get to work. Before you launch, however,

Episode 2 – Starting the Engines
February 01, 2017

For this episode we talked about how to identify people who will be essential to a successful effort, and how to get them involved. We also talked about what it takes to be a good organizer, and how to put those principles into play.

Episode 1 – Let’s Do This
January 22, 2017

Welcome to the podcast. This project is all about trying to build better, more sustainable, more equitable campaigns and advocacy efforts. We’re going to go step by step, piece by piece, in what’s needed to get this done.