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31 Days of Howling Beasts Day 3 : The Beast That Killed Women (1965)
October 03, 2021

Day 3 is here and we have our first guest curator of the 31 Days of Howling Beast. Jeffery X Martin has been tasked to cover The Beast That Killed Women. Not much of a plot here. Theres a gorilla who

Kiss the Goat Episode 58: Jaws of Satan (1981)
September 25, 2021

What happens when the saddest priest in the world takes on the Devil himself, who has taken the form of a king cobra? Join your High Priest and Priestess of Satanic Cinema, X and Cootie, as they sink

Kiss the Goat Episode 57: The Last Exorcism (2010)
July 30, 2021

Its banana bread and bloodletting in the Bible Belt on this episode of Kiss the Goat as X and Cootie take a long look at the 2010 movie, The Last Exorcism! Cootie and X take a deep dive into the film

Kiss the Goat Episode 56: Mausoleum 1983
July 10, 2021

Celebrate Cooties birthday with this humongous, jam-packed episode in which X and Cootie discuss Mausoleum 1983, the winner of the Acolytes Choice listening poll! Whats not to love about demonic br

Kiss the Goat Episode 55: The Manitou (1978)
June 25, 2021

Its a birthday celebration at the Online Shrine of Satanic Cinema as Cootie and X discuss William Girdlers Native American sort-of-but-not-really possession movie, The Manitou. What did Mistress Ste

Kiss the Goat Episode 54: The Rite 2011
June 11, 2021

On this stultifying episode of Kiss the Goat, your High Priest and Priestess of Satanic Cinema, X and Cootie (respectively) undergo The Rite 2011 in which Sir Anthony Hopkins bitch-slaps a five-year-o

Kiss the Goat Episode 53: Lisa and the Devil
May 22, 2021

In this thrilling episode of Kiss the Goat, Cootie and X examine Mario Bavas movie from the early 1970s, Lisa and the Devil. Is it really a Devil flick or just another freakin reincarnation movie? P

Kiss the Goat Episode 52: The Antichrist 1974
May 07, 2021

On this episode of Kiss the Goat, Cootie and X take a mortified look at Alberto De Martinos possession movie THE ANTICHRIST 1974. This film features multiple exorcisms, bad table manners and heavily

Kiss the Goat Episode 51: The Evil
April 15, 2021

For this episode of Kiss the Goat, Cootie and X watched the 1978 programmer, THE EVIL, starring Andrew Prines magnificent pants. Less than an hour later, they had forgotten the chronological order of

Kiss the Goat Episode 50: The Exorcist
April 01, 2021

On this episode of Kiss the Goat, X and Cootie sink their teeth into William Friedkins heartwarming coming-of-age tale, The Exorcist. Plus: Cootie and X make a phone call, Drinking With the Devil and