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One dad's choice to parent from a different rule book
June 08, 2023

As soon as Sean Szeps realised he was gay, he gave up his dreams of becoming a parent. What followed was a long and painful journey to remembering and realising his dream. Sean talks about his obsession with mums of all colours, the obstacles he and husba

What your child really wants when they're 'attention seeking'
June 06, 2023

For several years now Gen Muir has been giving Feed Play Love the benefit of their practical and compassionate advice on parenting. In our final week we've brought back one of our favourties- enjoy!"Attention seeking" in children gets a bad rap. Whether

How to raise boys who like themselves
June 04, 2023

We're often talking and thinking about how to help our girls achieve equality, but what about our boys? Are we raising them to have equal ability to express emotions, to embody different ideas of masculinity... to be themselves? Kasey Edwards and Dr Chris

How to manage the difficult people in your life
June 01, 2023

Wouldnt it be nice if everyone in life was easy to get along with? The truth is that no woman is an island, and so we often need to have relationships with people who are... difficult.Dr Rebecca Ray is the author of Difficult People which is the ulti

Maggie Dent: The best way to communicate with your son
May 30, 2023

One of our favourite parenting experts - Maggie Dent has always managed to step into a room and help parents feel at ease. To feel seen and heard. Her words always hit the right note with empathy, practical advice and understanding. We start our final wee

When do I keep my child home from daycare?
May 28, 2023

One guest has been a consistent voice of reason across the years it's Sarah Hunstead from CPR kids. In the episode from our archives she helps to answer one of the biggest questions parents of small children ask: 'when do I keep my child home from daycare

Why all midwives are fundamentally feminists
May 25, 2023

As Feed Play Love comes to an end we're repeating some of our favourite interviews from the archive. Enjoy!Professor Hannah Dahlen is a midwife, lecturer, international researcher and speaker. She believes that "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the w

How to use discipline without damaging your kids
May 23, 2023

As Feed Play Love rolls to a close after 8 years of production, we're bringing back some of our favourite interviews - enjoy!Discipline can mean different things to different people. To that cranky man in the supermarket - it's a short cuff around the ea

Dr Justin Coulson's parenting revolution
May 21, 2023

Parents today try so hard to get it right, but we often feel were doing it all wrong.And that, on top of the physical nature of parenting, is exhausting.Dr Justin Coulson is a parenting educator and the author of The Parenting Revolution, A guide to

Discovering your pre-kid self in Paris
May 18, 2023

Rachael Coopes is best known as a Play School presenter and author. But did you know she was also once a clown in Paris? Rachael recently released her latest bookParis For Beginnersan account of her adventure to a clown school in Paris in her late 20s.