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Kill Bigger Radio with Kyle Keegan

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It’s 2021 AND Taxation Is Still Theft - Ep 183
April 15, 2021

On American tax day, I now have an annual tradition of releasing an episode on the theft that is taxation.  It is quite a somber day, it marks death. Death of opportunity. Death of freedom and death of prosperity at the hand of...

Today Could Have Been VERY Different For Bernie Madoff - Ep 182
April 14, 2021

In today's episode, I discuss the death of Bernie Madoff, the second-worst Bernie in history, and why it could have been a very different day.    I wrap the show up with a discussion on inspiring those around you. It is the very infancy of...

Paying Bills While Starting Out & Failures That Weren't - Ep 181
April 12, 2021

In today's episode, I address a question from a listener about starting out. Choose the best job possible? Or... Choose something that pays the bills?   I also discuss some of "the greats" at what they did that became ROARING successes, yet,...

"But What About The Risk?" - Ep 180
April 07, 2021

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Individuals are Finite, Businesses are Infinite - Ep 179
April 05, 2021

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Are Capitalism and Ethics at Odds With One Another? - Ep 177
March 25, 2021

Today, I discuss popular opinion on capitalism, the reality of what capitalism actually is, the true definition, and draw a contrast between coercion and voluntary exchanges. Never be ashamed for providing value on a voluntary level!   Want to...

Professionalism - Ep 176
March 24, 2021

Professionalism as you start to go back out there and begin interacting with people that matter to your business. Want to keep "Killing Bigger?"   "Call in" to the show with    Check out    Be sure to subscribe on your...

Businesses SHOULD Have The Legal Right To Be Assholes - Ep 175
March 22, 2021

But of course, they are only hurting themselves by executing that right. In today's episode, I discuss tech censorship in a more personal way. Our last episode of KBRS didn't "adhere to community guidelines" and was removed from one of the platforms....

A Fresh Perspective On VC & Rand Paul VS Fauci - Ep 174
March 19, 2021

On today's episode of KBRS, I first bring you guys a clip of awesomeness out of Rand Paul calling out Dr. Fauci... THEN, I give a fresh perspective to the VC discussion with a couple of questions from a listener. I sincerely hope all of you have an...