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Kill Bigger Radio with Kyle Keegan

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Donald Trump's Tax Returns - Ep 85
September 28, 2020

The headlines finally emerged. The reporting inaccuracies are flying. The lies abound. I had to get this out. Loss carry forward is important. The lies of the mainstream media are egregious.  Want to keep "Killing Bigger?" Be sure to subscribe on yo

People Skills - Ep 84
September 28, 2020

If you want to build something that is bigger than you, you need people. People are your customers. People are your partners. People are your investors. People are your employees. If we want to be more than just some Tim Ferriss knock off, we need to lear

Stimulus, Gold, Confiscatory Taxes and Ginsburg - Ep 83
September 25, 2020

I had another variety show! Check this one out for commentary on the forthcoming stimulus package, gold, confiscatory taxes on the rich and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Want to keep "Killing Bigger?" Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app!

Should Billionaires Exist? - Ep 82
September 24, 2020

For this episode of KBRS, I wanted to address this new Marxist question floating around in today's brave new world. Yes. Billionaires should exist. I found an amazing article from The Mises Institute on this subject matter.  Article can be found her

The Cup Of Coffee: A Business Lesson In MASSIVE Human Cooperation - Ep 81
September 22, 2020

Business equals large scale human cooperation. Do you ever wonder why I talk about the economy so much? While a CEO looks at his or her business from a 30k foot view, an economist looks at the 60k foot view and examines all the businesses and industries.&

$60k Per Month? OF COURSE! Think Scale! - Ep 80
September 21, 2020

In this episode of KBRS I address the question from the Fastlane Forum about how likely it is to start a $60k per month business. This VERY possible, this is also far more likely when the business is bigger than you. Onepreneurship does make this tremendo

Entrepreneurship Defined - Ep 79
September 18, 2020

On today's episode of KBRS, we go back to the basics. What are our reasons for being entrepreneurs? What does it take to be entrepreneurs? There is some very good content mentioned for your weekend consumption pleasure. Check out the following: The Men Wh

A Century of Tech: Building The Future - Ep 78
September 17, 2020

Today on KBRS I take a look at "The Roaring Twenties." What kind of technology did they have? Is everything that is ever going to be thought of, already thought of? No. What and who made the world what it is today? Entrepreneurs, inventors, investors and

Fortune Magazine is a Commie Rag Now? - Ep 77
September 16, 2020

In this episode I felt the need to stick up for a dead man. Milton Freidman. The man has done a TON of good advancing the principles of free market economics. I pick apart a Fortune Magazine article written by three "intellectual" communists. Unbelie

Property Rights: A Foundation of Entrepreneurship and Liberty - Ep 76
September 15, 2020

I never thought, that in my lifetime, I would have to defend property rights. Right now there are people that think it is a good idea to abolish private property. The notion often comes from people who chant things like "power to the people" whilst beggin