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Conversations with KidsPeace

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Employee engagement during the pandemic | Episode #49
July 06, 2022

On the latest installment of the Conversations with KidsPeace podcast, host Bob Martin talks with the head of a nonprofit arts organization about how they faced the challenge of retaining and motivating employees when COVID-19 threatened to end everything

Adulting 101 | Episode #48
May 19, 2022

Navigating the transition into young adulthood isn’t always smooth or obvious, and many of us rely on parents and families to help us make sense of that all. But kids ageing out of foster care may not have that support system, and KidsPeace Foster Care in

140 years of Hope, Help and Healing | Episode #47
February 02, 2022

KidsPeace kicked off the celebration of its 140th Anniversary at the end of January, following the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic that has remade the landscape of mental healthcare in America. Host Bob Martin welcomes KidsPeace President and CEO Mic

Four Years of Life Hacks | Episode #46
December 21, 2021

A favorite saying … an inspirational quote … maybe a tip to do something around the house better. For the past four years, guests on our Conversations podcasts have shared their wisdom and expertise by providing visitors with “life hacks.” In this last ep

The Power of Telling Stories | Episode #45
December 02, 2021

The latest issue of Healing Magazine has been published (at, with a special section examining the therapeutic power of telling stories. On the Conversations with KidsPeace podcast, several of the issue’s contributing authors give

Substance Use and Addictions Treatment at KidsPeace | Episode #44
October 19, 2021

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to forget other issues continue to affect our society. One of those issues: substance abuse and addiction, and on a new episode of the Conversations with KidsPeace podcast we discuss how KidsPeace’s treatment programs

Suicide Prevention and QPR | Episode #43
September 21, 2021

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and the latest edition of the “Conversations with KidsPeace” podcast discusses an approach described as “CPR for suicide prevention.” Host Bob Martin and suicide prevention trainer Jessica Racine a

Oasis Services | Episode #42
July 26, 2021

One effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses and organizations has been a renewed interest in the emotional and mental health of their employees.  In the latest Conversations with KidsPeace podcast, we discuss a new initiative by the consulting

Healing Roundup
June 08, 2021

In the latest installment of Conversations with KidsPeace, host Bob Martin talks with three contributors to the just-published issue of KidsPeace’s Healing Magazine -- discussing how games can help train new direct care employees, and how education and ar

Dungeons and Dragons and Therapy
June 01, 2021

The Spring/Summer 2021 edition of Healing Magazine has been published at The magazine’s “Spotlight” section looks at how games can be beneficial in a therapeutic sense, and its lead article highlights KidsPeace’s leadership in using t