Keystone Nazarene Church

Keystone Nazarene Church

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Acts: Paul’s Arrest and Defense Part 1
August 12, 2018

Acts 21:18-23:35 Main Point:Paul is letting God use his life even in persecution and violence, to help people become disciples of Jesus.

Acts: Compelled by Christ – Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey
August 08, 2018

Acts 18:23-21:17 Main Point: Paul’s life is caught up in helping people follow Jesus (through Baptism and the Holy Spirit), no matter the cost.

Acts: Compelled by Christ – Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey
July 29, 2018

Acts 15:36-18:22 Main point: God has a purpose for our lives and we can be full participants in His redeeming work.

Acts: Who can follow Jesus? – The Jerusalem Council
July 22, 2018

Acts 15:1-35 It is Jesus, not laws and rituals, that can save us; setting us right with God and showing us how to live well with Him in His world.

Acts: Exciting Beginnings Pt 2
June 17, 2018

Exciting Beginnings – A People Like Jesus Acts 3-4 The Holy Spirit began to form Jesus’ disciples to be like Jesus and help others become like Him.

Acts: Exciting Beginnings
June 10, 2018

Acts 1-2 Jesus returned to heaven so that He could give the Holy Spirit, the very spirit and presence of God, to live in his followers.

What (Whose) story are you telling?
June 03, 2018

Today Pastor Rosslyn will share the story of her walk with Jesus.