Keystone Nazarene Church

Keystone Nazarene Church

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Faith Builders
October 14, 2018

Today we remember what God has done through Keystone over the past 50 years, and look forward to how we are part of the next 50 years.

Faith Builders: The Next 50 Years
October 14, 2018

  See how God has worked over the past 50 years of Keystone and how we can be part of the next 50!

We Believe: Sin
October 07, 2018

1 Corinthians 15:55-58 Main Point: Sin is a failure of love in the heart where we choose to push God out and not love him back and follow him.

We Believe: The Bible
October 03, 2018

Today’s service was cancelled due to Typhoon Trami, but this is the audio from the Facebook Live that was done in place of the service. 2 Timothy 3:14-17 Main point: The Bible is God’s revelation of who He is (Father, Son, and Spirit), who we are,

We Believe: The Holy Spirit
September 23, 2018

God is present in the world through his Holy Spirit. His Spirit teaches people what is true, convicts people of wrong, saves those who repent and believe in God’s love through Jesus, and transforms (sanctifies) us to be like Jesus!

We Believe: Jesus Christ
September 16, 2018

Main idea: God sent Jesus the son who came to us, died because of us, and rose again, to offer us forgiveness and life through a living relationship with God.

We Believe: The Triune God
September 12, 2018

We believe in one God who reveals himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who created the universe and created human to live in harmony with him and each other.

What God has Done
September 02, 2018

Psalm 78:1-3 Today we will hear three stories of how God is working in people’s lives.

Acts: All for Jesus
August 26, 2018

Acts 27-28 Main point: Paul’s life was saved by Jesus and would be lived with and for Jesus.

Acts: Paul’s Arrest and Defense Pt 2
August 19, 2018

Acts 24-26 God gave Paul many opportunities to share about Jesus.  Each person had a decision of how to respond.