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Writing & Junk: Neurodivergence & the Creative Process
June 12, 2023

My brain doesn't work the way yours does and that's okay.Recorded on 1-17-2023

Writing & Junk: The Tiny Goal
January 13, 2023

Sometimes, setting a small goal for yourself is exactly what your creativity and morale needs.Recorded on 1-1-2023

Writing & Junk: At Loose Ends
January 03, 2023

You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em and know when to walk away. Recorded on 11-19-2022

Fandom & Junk: Divorce Petition
December 27, 2022

Me and the Beta process are never, ever getting back together.Recorded on 11-7-2022

The Big Moxie: Inexplicable Babies
December 24, 2022

Qt1-2023 ~ Sign-Ups: 12/1/22 12/31/22 and Posting Dates: March 1March 31, 2023Recorded on 12-2-2023

Fandom & Junk: WTF Ever
December 18, 2022

It might get rude.Recorded on 10-29-2022

Short & Junk: Writing & the Human Experience
November 22, 2022

Answering two questions: 1: Have you tried that "change the font you're writing/editting in!" method? What did you think?2: Are there other times where art inspired a story?

Short & Junk: How Big Is Your Idea?
November 20, 2022

Question: How do you determine what idea works best as a short story versus a novella/novel?

Short & Junk: Keeping It Short
November 19, 2022

Question: When you write a short story, is it hard to keep it short?

Short & Junk: Writing A Story Without My OTP
November 17, 2022

Question: Is it weird writing about a new character in a fandom where you have an OTP?Recorded: 9-16-2022