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Little Black Dress Concept: The Psionic Rift
November 10, 2019

Our challenge: To create thematic concepts that can be laid on top of any fandom.

The Writer's Table - Episode 27
November 04, 2019

-Series bibles and style guides -Character creation and keeping track -Weaving major events into your narrative -Project organization -Crossover V Fusion -Chaptering and pacing in your narrative -Artificial pace and gimmicks -Decision trees and zero draft

Bitch Craft: How Many Characters Do You Really Need
October 30, 2019

Your character roster depends on the structure of your work -- be it novel, novella, or episode series.

Fandom & Junk: Contemporary Fandoms & Time Travel
October 28, 2019

Does it have to be inexplicable?

Bitch Craft: Story Renovation
October 27, 2019

Margaret asked: How do you separate a complete whole into smaller parts and how do you know where to cut it at?

Fandom & Junk: Leaning into Hannibal
October 23, 2019

Tonight we're going to talk about the Hannibal Lector--the TV show, books, movies, & the cannibalism are all potential topics. Also, Hannigram 'cause we ship it like whoa.

The Writer's Table - Episode 26
October 19, 2019

Questions and answers about plotting, characterization, and time management.

Bitch Craft: Character Wants & Needs
October 16, 2019

Defining your characters wants and needs is the heart of determining their goals, motivations, and conflicts.

Plot Drift- Tony DiNozzo Offers Ian Edgerton a Ride
October 15, 2019

Tony DiNozzo and Ian Edgerton and the various ways they could come together. Plus - we went off on a Hannibal tangent near the end. Listen to it, we're hilarious and also, Hannibal might eat your face if you don't.

Bitch Craft: Redemption Arcs
October 12, 2019

Canon characterization, fanon interpretations and the journey to redemption.