Keeping the Dream Podcast

Keeping the Dream Podcast

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Your Relationship with Power – Morning Tea ktd-005
September 03, 2019

How you perceive power in others will affect your relationship with power itself. Today's idea to contemplate how the relationship we have with power directly affects our healing journey. - Leave a comment to share your thoughts on this matter or shar...

What Does Healing Look Like? Morning Tea ktd-004
September 02, 2019

Starting today, Monday through Friday I'll be publishing short episodes of inspiration, reserving Sunday for a longer deeper contemplative conversation. These episodes are one way I'd like walk the healing journey with you. - Episode Excerpt: "....

Where There’s Smoke Series on Covert Abuse ktd-003
August 29, 2019

In the past three decades, I've spent considerable energy and focus unraveling the presence and impact of covert abuse. Here I share a synopsis of my work on this topic in the series on covert abuse that I'm working on. -

Keeping Your Dream and Defying Covert Abuse ktd-002
August 26, 2019

From Episode 2: "Why is keeping your dream so powerful? Keeping your dream is the most radical stand you can take against oppression and tyranny, whether it’s one-on-one or societal. - The first goal of an oppressive government or abusive relationshi...

Not So Typical Disclaimer – Relaunch for Keeping the Dream Podcast ktd-001
August 23, 2019

A Keeping the Dream Disclaimer and invitation to walk the healing journey with me, Demian Yumei. I'm including the entire transcript for this episode in this post as I will be using it as bit more creative disclaimer in addition to the regular one on m...