Keeping the Dream Podcast

Keeping the Dream Podcast

Telling Your Story to Someone Who Can Respect It – Morning Tea ktd-014

September 13, 2019

Morning Tea, A Sip of Inspiration
No matter how much other people may empathize or understand or even have similar experiences, their story still isn’t your story. You need to be given the time and the space to tell your story as you experienced it.

Characteristic #2 of a true healer and any healthy relationship is that they respect your story. They allow for its uniqueness — the experience, its impact, your feelings and whatever outcome that is right for you. Be careful of those who project themselves onto you and over your story to where they essentially erase you.

~ Demian


Copyright 2019 Demian Yumei, All Rights Reserved.

Written and narrated by Demian Yumei

Opening and closing song, For the Sake of Love, by Demian and Stacey Young.