Keeping the Dream Podcast

Keeping the Dream Podcast

Beginnings that Are and Aren’t – Morning Tea ktd-010

September 09, 2019

Beginnings are wonderful stages in our lives, but you can’t live there. If you find yourself always starting again, then something isn’t quite right. - Excerpt

It's one thing to start anew, it's another to go in circles. Today we talk about new beginnings as fresh starts that imply something comes after!

If you keep coming back to the same place, and never seem to get anywhere, it's time to reassess what you have and how viable your relationship is.

You deserve an adventure! Doesn't have to be daring. Just alive and growing.
~ Demian ?

Copyright 2019 Demian Yumei, All Rights Reserved.
Written and narrated by Demian Yumei
Opening and closing song, For the Sake of Love, by Demian and Stacey Young.