Keeping the Dream Podcast

Keeping the Dream Podcast

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Timing and the Healing Journey – Morning Tea ktd-015
October 09, 2019

Your walk on the healing journey has its own timing, as well. Your healing has its own timing. And that’s kind of what happened to me this past month. Unplanned events, serendipitous happenings and surprises -- both welcomed and unwelcomed or jus...

Telling Your Story to Someone Who Can Respect It – Morning Tea ktd-014
September 13, 2019

Morning Tea, A Sip of Inspiration No matter how much other people may empathize or understand or even have similar experiences, their story still isn’t your story. You need to be given the time and the space to tell your story as you experienced it.

Telling Your Story to Someone Who Can Hear It – Morning Tea ktd-013
September 12, 2019

Your voice has value. Let it carry your story to someone who can hear it and honor it. - Characteristic# 2 of a true healer goes beyond listening to respecting another person's story. It can be tempting to some to hijack your story,

Characteristics of a True Healer – Morning Tea ktd-012
September 11, 2019

If you decide you want to work with a healer, there are eight characteristics you will want to make sure they possess. - These characteristics are important in any healthy relationship, and no less in the relationship you have with your facilitator of...

The People We Meet – Morning Tea – ktd-011
September 10, 2019

 There are many good people in this world, willing to open their hearts and share their experiences to be the person they were looking for when they needed help. Other people are not so altruistic. They’re just hungry and you’re the food.

Beginnings that Are and Aren’t – Morning Tea ktd-010
September 09, 2019

Beginnings are wonderful stages in our lives, but you can’t live there. If you find yourself always starting again, then something isn’t quite right. - Excerpt - It's one thing to start anew, it's another to go in circles.

Taking Up Oxygen – Sunday Tea & Conv ktd-009
September 08, 2019

“Just for today if you do nothing else, take a long, deep breath. It belongs to you...  let this be your radical act... your defiant statement that you belong here, that you are here.” If you hear a negative message about you long enough,

Being Heard – Morning Tea ktd-008
September 06, 2019

"The gift someone gives us when they truly listen, when we know we are heard and have been seen is a real act of love. - So, my question is… Can you give this gift to yourself?" - We talk about being heard and about giving someone our full attention,...

The Beauty of Your Thoughts – Morning Tea ktd-007
September 05, 2019

"Never stop thinking or asking questions." - Targets of covert abuse are often apologetic about their thoughts or expressing them. Covert abuse is designed to make you doubt your senses, including your ability to interpret what you see and hear.

The Healing Power Within – Morning Tea ktd-006
September 04, 2019

Do you feel guilty when you hear the saying, "The power of healing lies within you"? - Episode Excerpt: “The power to healing lies within you” is about opportunity." - Come join me for a short conversation about what this opportunity means,