Keeping the Dream Podcast

Keeping the Dream Podcast

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Letter to Mason ktd-011
June 10, 2020

[Edited June 10, to add that sweet Mason has arrived! This morning at 6:31 A.M. Welcome beautiful grandchild, welcome with so much love and joy

Who Benefits from Realistic as Negative? ktd-010
April 22, 2020

Who benefits from you believing that to be realistic is to be negative, that holding a dream is a fantasy and giving up on it is reality? Those who would have you believe this are not your friends, they are not anyone you can trust... or listen to.

Realistic, Not Fatalistic ktd-009
April 20, 2020

When did being realistic become synonymous with being cynical or fatalistic. Who says having a negative, hopeless, "why try?" view on life is being realistic? To deny the potential of humanity for good isn't realistic at all. It's fatalistic,

A Little Bit About Demian Yumei ktd-008
April 13, 2020

I've introduced myself in earlier episodes, but I thought you might like to know a little more detail about who Demian Yumei is. I share a bit about my background, my early years in Japan and New Mexico, what the creative process means to me and how it...

What is Covert Abuse? ktd-007
April 10, 2020

"As a survivor of incest, I do not diminish the impact of being sexually abused as a child, but I’ve come to realize that the dynamics of covert abuse helped my father to justify and sustain his abuse. - As egregious as the sexual abuse was,

Keeping the Dream – What Does It Mean? ktd-006
April 08, 2020

But we’re not the only dreamers. There is another that dreams. It’s Life, Life dreaming you. This Dream of Life, well that’s the fingerprint of your heart’s desire. It’s your spirit’s dance and your soul’s whispering.

In the Middle of the Nightmare, Dream ktd-005
April 06, 2020

In the middle of this nightmare, remember to dream. Turn the energy around...  - Whatever challenges you are facing within the greater context of the world's, know that in the midst of a nightmare, you can turn it into a dream. -

Never the Same ktd-004
April 02, 2020

Things won’t fall back nicely into place. But they can fall into a better place, and we have a say in what that will look like. That is the way of healing. In healing from the trauma of sex abuse, I have learned that I get the last say in my life.

Only Warriors ktd-003
April 01, 2020

I don’t care how many issues you have. I don’t care how much you may have messed up in your life, because you didn’t have it together. If you are here — no matter what condition you’re in, you are a warrior. -

Like the Treasure It Is ktd-002
March 31, 2020

If you have to put up with sudden flareups, and words that seek to tear you down, lift yourself up with the sound of your own beautiful spirit and it’s beating heart. - Having to self-isolate with an abusive person or in an abusive situation is additi...