Kootenai Church: The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Kootenai Church: The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

The Reformation Q&A

November 06, 2017

Questions regarding the Reformation answered by the elders of Kootenai Church--Jim Osman, Dave Rich, Jess Whetsel, and Cornel Rasor.

Some of the questions asked in no particular order:

* Are Christians other than elders allowed to baptize other believers?
* In what context should baptisms be performed?
* What is the Catholic belief of "Patron Saints"?
* What happens to leftover Communion?
* How do you answer the charge that Protestants have their own bloody history to account for?
* How does Rome deal with their bloody history in their persecution of Protestants?
* What about the charge that Christians participated in the crusades?
* Today Roman Catholics would not consider “anathema” to be anything more than excommunication but not condemnation. Why do you make the claim that it is condemnation?
* Is anyone attending the Catholic Church going to Heaven?
* What is biblical baptism vs. covenantal baptism?