Kootenai Church: Adult Sunday School - Question and Answer

Kootenai Church: Adult Sunday School - Question and Answer

Q&A with Pastor/Elder Jim Osman – November 3, 2019

November 03, 2019


* Ezekiel 18:20 lays out that children will not be punished for the sins of their fathers, yet in Esther 9:10, they hung the 10 sons of Haman with their father on the gallows?
* What happens to babies when they die, do they go to heaven or hell?

* https://thecripplegate.com/theologians-on-infant-salvation/
* https://thecripplegate.com/what-happens-to-infants-who-die-the-ot-answers/
* https://thecripplegate.com/what-happens-to-infants-who-die-the-nt-answers/

* Is there a specific chapter and verse that fully explains what happens with infants when they die?
* What is the age of accountability?
* As a Christian what should we say to someone who has lost a child?
* Are there two stages to salvation, first to be declared innocence then righteousness?
* When a child dies what are they going to be in heaven in their glorified body?
* As we’re not given in marriage in heaven how would raising a child?
* What age will we be in heaven?
* What is Federal Vision and who are the pastors that hold to that view?
* Guidance on using discernment when reading books from questionable authors.
* How many questions are too many to ask a pastor in a Q&A session? (Hint:  apparently 18)
* Some good references for solid online content:

* John MacArthur Grace to You - https://www.gty.org
* The Cripplegate - https://thecripplegate.com/
* R.C. Sproul Ligonier Ministries - https://www.ligonier.org/
* Todd Friel Wretched Radio - https://www.wretched.org/
* Greg Koukl Stand to Reason-  https://www.str.org/
* Scott Klusendorf Life Training Institute - https://prolifetraining.com/
* Ray Comfort Way of the Master - https://www.livingwaters.com/
* Jim Osman Kootenai Community Church - https://kootenaichurch.org/