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First look at LEGO SPIKE Prime
April 02, 2019

Katie Linendoll chats with Esben Staerk Joergensen President of LEGO Education about their newly unveiled LEGO SPIKE Prime, which puts STEAM education in the classroom.  

Iceland Winter Run 10k
February 21, 2019

After a winter 10k run in Iceland, Katie Linendoll chats with Icelandic triathlete, Dagny Jonsdottir, who shares what it’s like training in the land of fire and ice. She primarily runs outdoors — and likes to challenge herself with uphill terrain...

A gadget that could help with digital detox
January 25, 2019

We are just beginning to understand the full impact smartphones and laptop screens have on our eyes. Katie Linendoll chats with founder and mechanical engineer Ali Habib who founded uMay Rest with his sister Sharmin, an ophthalmologist. This gadget...

Training a Hawk at Dromoland Castle in Ireland
November 14, 2018

Katie Linendoll learns how to train a Harris's Hawk with Falconer Sean O'Halloran at Dromoland School of Falconry at Dromoland Castle in Ireland. Sean also shares how technology is utilized more and more to train birds of prey.

Brian Mariotti: Funko CEO at New York Comic Con
October 05, 2018

Katie Linendoll chats with Funko CEO Brian Mariotti at New York Comic Con about their nearly 600 million dollar per year business. From Brady Bunch to WWE they have every fan based covered. Brian chats about their strong dedication to fans and the...

OhmniLabs: Reinventing Telepresence Robots
September 26, 2018

Beyond the workplace the telepresence robot can be a game changer in many unexpected sectors like healthcare, senior centers or education. Imagine a child undergoing cancer treatment, who can finally join their class at school!  The real-life...

Sedona By Way of Pink Jeep
August 25, 2018

Take a trip through the awe inspiring landscape of Sedona on a Pink Jeep Tour! Riding in a Pink Jeep is an experience in itself, but even more memorable when getting an insider look at the history, geology and off-roading possibilities. Katie...

Coming in Hot Sauce
August 14, 2018

This is not your average Tabasco. Katie Linendoll heads to a hot sauce taste testing at Heatonist in NYC known for its expert curation of the world's finest hot sauces. She chats with the founder and hot sauce aficionado Noah Chaimberg about the...

Inside VR World NYC
July 25, 2018

Set foot in a different reality. Katie Linendoll chats with Tommy Goodkin Head of Content at VR World in New York City. VR World has five floors with over 50 virtual reality experiences. A premier destination to experience the most immersive VR...

Kari Pearce: A conversation with the shatterproof, 2016 Fittest American Female
June 27, 2018

Katie Linendoll chats with Kari to learn what it takes to be one of the worlds top CrossFit athletes. Kari is also a former four time Big Ten Champion Gymnast, as a member of the University of Michig