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Episode 53: Space Amoeba (1970)
September 25, 2019

It's the last Toho classic kaiju movie, and there's so much to like! The engaging cinematography and Kenji Sahara's performance as Obata are two of the best things. And there aren't any annoying squeaky-voiced little kids either!

Episode 52: Latitude Zero (1969)
September 06, 2019

Get into the bath of immunity, then put on your gold or vinyl outfit and prepare yourself for an overwhelmingly positive review of this humorous and underrated piece of Toho history! While the Americans and Japanese on the production staff got into fre...

G-Fest XXVI (2019): G-Fest Wrap-Up and Kevin Derendorf Interview
August 16, 2019

At G-Fest XXV, Brian interviewed kaiju author and podcaster Kevin Derendorf.  His book is called "Kaiju for Hipsters: 101 'Alternative' Giant Monster Movies".  We discuss the thought processes and goals behind "Kaiju for Hipsters" and compare them to t...

G-Fest XXVI (2019) Panel: Alien Invasions w/Giant Monster Messages
July 24, 2019

This is our G-Fest Conference panel, which took place at 12:00pm (CDT) on July 14, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza O'Hare in Rosemont, Illinois. In it, we compare and contrast alien invasion stories in movies from the Godzilla franchise and from American kaij...

Episode 51: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (US) (2019)
July 06, 2019

A lot of critics know and understand the basics of the 1954 Godzilla, but they have less of an understanding of what makes a great Godzilla sequel. This movie has by far the most Toho magic of any non-Japanese Godzilla movie to date.

Episode 50: War of the Gargantuas (1966)
May 03, 2019

With beautiful cinematography, detailed miniatures, and lots of work involving water, War of the Gargantuas is an incredible movie! Russ Tamblyn gives us a natural and cool performance in his role as Dr. Stewart. This movie is so refreshingly itself.

Episode 49: Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965)
March 25, 2019

I address the film's depiction of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and how that scene is edited for the English-language version. Frankenstein is a stand-in for atomic bombing victims in this movie. I'll pay attention to the scientific ethics explored ...

Episode 48: Dogora, the Space Monster (1964)
March 08, 2019

Robert Dunham has always impressed me with his performance in this movie! And his ability to speak Japanese adds to the flavor of this entertaining classic Sekizawan kaiju movie. I examine the underappreciated Mark Jackson character.

Episode 47 (3/3): Godzilla Anime Trilogy (2017-2018) – Godzilla: Bigger Than Human Existence
February 06, 2019

Daniel and I go further into what the anime trilogy makes us think about. We examine which historical figures the Exif could have been responsible for, the inevitability of Godzilla, the cycle of civilizations,

Episode 47 (2/3): Godzilla Anime Trilogy (2017-2018): Main Discussion
February 05, 2019

Haruo asks Metphies "Why are you showing me this?"  This is also what some people watching the anime trilogy were thinking.  We'll give our opinions and share our reactions to these experimental, risky, and unrestrained trio of movies.