Just Fly Performance Podcast

Just Fly Performance Podcast

369: Brady Volmering on Shattering Strength and Power Barriers with Non-Traditional Training Methods

July 27, 2023

Today’s podcast features human performance coach, Brady Volmering. Brady is the owner of DAC Performance and Health. His focus is on increasing the capacity of the human being.  Brady continually digs into what “training the human being” actually means and how that relates to improvements that go beyond the general, into specific sports performance and even one’s daily life.  He walks the talk on a high level through his own personal workouts and regularly discusses his training philosophy on his Instagram page.  Brady was a guest on episode 291 of the podcast talking about “human” level physical preparation, and high-volume training concepts.

On the podcast today, Brady talks about his single leg depth drop practice, the recent changes he made in his programming to physically transform himself across the past year, and then how he has taken those programming concepts into his training for athletic populations.  As an already well-trained athlete, Brady’s progress is incredible to see, and the methods he used are simple in nature, and also relatively non-traditional in terms of the typical “rules” we put on training.  We also touch on oscillatory reps, high-frequency training, mind-body awareness, “wins and losses” in training, and more, in this episode.

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Timestamps and Main Points
3:45 – What led Brady to perform a 6-foot box drop jump

11:15 – How Brady scales drops and difficulty for the individuals that he works with

16:15 – Comparing high drops, to more traditional “serial” plyometrics, such as low hurdle hops

27:45 – Processing “wins and losses” throughout the training session and season

32:45 – The mind-body connection that exists between physical exercise, and sport, particularly within the scope of being presented with a failure

43:45 – The key pieces that have led to Brady’s physical transformation in the past year, one of which was based on training advice from Jay Schroeder

1:02:45 – Keys to high frequency, or daily, integration of a potent training means as opposed to using a training stimulus in a typical 2-3x a week frequency

1:10:45 – How Brady’s training regime filtered into his training concepts for athletes

1:20:45 – Oscillatory training reps and impulse rep concepts for the upper body

Brady Volmering Quotes
“Really with anything we are doing, I want to set up in a game format, where an athlete has a chance to succeed, an athlete has a chance to fail because that is going to bring that engagement up”

“In a (single leg) depth drop, if you don’t learn to direct that intent, you are going to fail… you can learn to direct that intent into other places as well”

“Everything after (a 6-foot single leg drop) feels much easier, much less stressful”

“I ask, what does it mean when your body speaks to you? When you have pain, what does that mean? When you have tightness or restriction, what does that mean?”

“I know what they are feeling right now, what would I do; when I am programming I want to gain enough information about what they are feeling, what they are experiencing… what would I do?”

“That’s why I like a lot of the high rep, high volume stuff we do, where if you decide to stop, through that you understand how your system is processing that stimulus, what thoughts are coming in”

“When you are training and the only thing that is stopping you is yourself,