Just One More! With Joanna and Daphnie

Just One More! With Joanna and Daphnie

Latest Episodes

#182 How to Handle a Pandemic with Kelli Cavaliere, LCSW
March 20, 2020

Tools for working through our anxiety and stress when everything in our lives has drastically changed

Announcing Season 2!
October 21, 2019

A special announcement about the next season of the show

#121RR Your Gut Microbiome with Dr. Gabi Fragiadakis
October 14, 2019

Dr. Gabi Fragiadakis sheds some light on what the microbes in our gut are up to.

#102RR Couples Therapy with Jen Elmquist
October 07, 2019

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Jen Elmquist on ways you can help your relationship before you're in crisis.

#090RR Stop Wasting Food with Hannah Jastram Aaberg
September 30, 2019

Registered Dietitian and Flavor Maven Hannah Jastram Aaberg gives us tips for making the most of our food.

#073RR A Chat With Our Husbands
September 23, 2019

Joanna and Daphnie's husbands talk about how being married to TWO PERFECT WOMEN affects their health.

#096RR Triathlons with Alicia DiFabio
September 16, 2019

Author Alicia DiFabio on the history of triathlons and why even normal people might want to do one

#098RR Chiropractic Care with Dr. Laura Roos
September 09, 2019

Dr. Laura explains what chiropractic care is and how it might help you feel more awesome.

#057RR Multi-Marathoner Dana Krashin
September 02, 2019

Multi-Marathoner Dana Krashin on how she ran her first marathon in her 30s and why she's run so many since.

#037RR Acupuncture with Sara Vaccariello
August 26, 2019

Guest Sara Vaccariello of Avalon Acupuncture on how acupuncture works and why you might want to give it a try.