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008 The Chipness Protection Program
January 18, 2016

Friends, chips – they’re our number one prioritie…

007 Thats Doctor Chip To You
January 04, 2016

Doctor Z knows what ails ya. The wackiest doc in …

006 Ch1-t0wn M1x
November 24, 2015

For a very good reason that you’ll soon discover,…

005 Brain Food
November 10, 2015

Sometimes this podcast can help you in more than …

004 The Cult Of Uncle Ray
October 27, 2015

Who would have thought the day would come when we…

003 We Like To Party (Mix)
October 27, 2015

You know us. We don’t discriminate in the chip ga…

002 O Canada!
September 28, 2015

We’re back! In honour of Canada Day, we tackle tw…

001 Chip Archaeologists
September 21, 2015

In our debut episode, we review two highly differ…