Makom Israel Teachers Lounge

Makom Israel Teachers Lounge

Ep. 38 - Temple Mount: Beyond the Headlines

July 23, 2017

Alan and Mike felt that the current simmering crisis warranted some analysis. They discuss why the Temple Mount is always such a source for tension, and where things might go moving forward. What should the Israelis do now? What should the Palestinians do, and why aren't they? There are no easy answers, but there is a lot to unpack.

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From Martin Kramer's Post:
Here are four perceptive but divergent analyses of what Israel should do in the Temple Mount crisis:
• Dror Eydar, “Keep the metal detectors,”
• Yoaz Hendel, “It's time to seize opportunities at the Temple Mount,”
• Ron Ben Yishai, “Finding a compromise in the Temple Mount crisis,”
• Avi Issascharoff, “Israeli leaders can still contain Temple Mount crisis, but require political courage,”

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