Between the Lines: Author Conversations from the Library of JTS

Between the Lines: Author Conversations from the Library of JTS

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The Art of the Jewish Family: A History Of Women In Early New York In Five Objects
June 24, 2020

A DISCUSSION WITH AUTHOR DR. LAURA ARNOLD LEIBMAN In "The Art of the Jewish Family" Dr. Laura Arnold Leibman examines five objects owned by a diverse group of Jewish women who lived in New York between the years 1750 and 1850. Each chapter creates a...

Voices from the Warsaw Ghetto: Writing Our History
January 23, 2020

A discussion with JTS's Dr. David G. Roskies about his powerful new collection of writings from the Warsaw Ghetto, recording the Holocaust from the perspective of its first interpreters, the victims themselves. Hidden in metal containers and buried...

Abraham Joshua Heschel: Mind, Heart, Soul
December 11, 2019

In his magisterial new biography of Abraham Joshua Heschel, Dr. Edward K. Kaplan tells the engrossing, behind-the-scenes story of the life, philosophy, struggles, yearnings, writings, and activism of one of the 20th century’s most outstanding Jewish...

Introducing The Evolution of Torah: a history of rabbinic literature
November 27, 2019

Episode 1: Who Were the Rabbis? What led to the emergence of the group of scholars and teachers we call the Rabbis? What motivated them and what did they value? The Rabbis looked to their forebear, Hillel, as an exemplar of religious leadership, and...

Job: A New Translation
November 20, 2019

A Discussion with Translator Edward L. Greenstein The Book of Job has often been called the greatest poem ever written. The book, in Edward Greenstein’s characterization, is “a Wunderkind, a genius emerging out of the confluence of two literary...

Confronting Hate
October 29, 2019

As hate crimes and domestic terrorism dominate the headlines, the legacy of the late Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum as a leader in interfaith and race relations in the United States and around the world becomes more and more relevant with each atrocity that is...

Introducing What Now? A JTS Podcast
June 02, 2019

In this opening episode of JTS’s new podcast, What Now?, host Sara Beth Berman tells her story and speaks with Professor Alan Mittleman. Dr. Mittleman shares his own experiences with loss, framing tragedies as taking place in a world that is...

Four Rabbis at Lunch
May 28, 2019

Four rabbis from a local community—one Orthodox, two Conservative, and one Reform—meet each week at a local kosher deli to discuss Jewish law, theology, and synagogue business. This new work of fiction from Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins is an opportunity to...

The Paris Photo
March 20, 2019

Dr. Jane S. Gabin's historical novel looks at the complicated life and aftermath of the occupation of Paris during WWII and spotlights Jewish experiences during the Nazi occupation of the city. Her debut novel intertwines the two timelines of postwar...

Movies and Midrash
December 13, 2018

Dr. Wendy Zierler's Movies and Midrash pioneers the use of cinema as a springboard to discuss central Jewish texts and matters of belief. Exploring what Jewish tradition, text, and theology have to say about the lessons and themes arising from...