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JOP 019: Redefine Your Self-Image with Janna Beatty
October 13, 2015

“Would you like your mirror to reflect an image that makes you feel wonderful and confident – so great you can totally forget about how you look and get on with the amazing life you want to live?”  If this sounds like you,

JOP 017: Join the Sip and Chat Movement with Dhylles Davis
September 29, 2015

Fall in love with your life again when you join the Coaching Cupid, Dhylles Davis, in the Sip & Chat Movement. It’s an uplifting way to surround yourself with others seeking a positive, more fulfilling change in their own lives.

JOP 013: The Four Seasons of the Feminine Cycle
September 01, 2015

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Are you one to go sky-diving, hike the Antartic or fly the open sky just for fun? If you balance a professional life with an adventurist side, then today’s episode with Neuro-Linquistic Programmer,

JOP 012: The CEOs Widow with Author Tina Gayle
August 25, 2015

Work, kids, housework, co-workers, hitting the gym… life can get busy. It is nice to wind down with a good book sometimes. Not your self-help book or topical kind, but a good, juicy romance novel to take with you on your next travel journey,

JOP 011: How to pinpoint your focus in business with Suzanne Strisower
August 18, 2015

Did you know that you are always living your purpose whether it is subconsciously or otherwise? Some would say knowing your purpose leads to a more fulfilling, longer life. Take a listen inside today’s episode as we chat with Suzanne Strisower about Li...

JOP 010: The Power of No with JJ DiGeronimo
August 11, 2015

Learning to just say no is a difficult chore for many women, professionally and personally. Join us today with JJ DiGernonimo, professional speaker and author, as she teaches us the Power of No and learning how to be a Purposeful Woman.

JOP 009: Living Happy Inside Out
August 04, 2015

Author, speaker, podcaster, Maura Sweeney takes us to the Balkans on today’s episode of the Journey On Podcast. Then she brings us into the world of happy by teaching us the Art of Happiness to improve our overall lifestyle.

JOP 008: Avoiding the Summer Slump
July 28, 2015

B.L.A.Z.E. your way through the summer slump with Dr. Enaka Yembe. Explore ways to perform at your best, grow to success and stay fit all while running a business and spending quality time with your family.

JOP 007: Manifesting the Life You Desire NOW
July 21, 2015

Manifest the life you desire NOW by learning the Secret to Everything with the Frequency Master, Dr. Kimberly McGeorge. Naturopathic Energy Healer, Dr. McGeorge, has over 24 years of experience in both the alternative health and energy healing field an...

JOP 006: Discover Your Brand with Nicole Zaagman
July 14, 2015

Recently featured in the Holistic Fashionista magazine, Nicole Zaagman, aka “the Lux Chix” joins the Journey On Podcast to show you how to Discover Your Brand Story to grow your business. Belly dancer, graphic designer and brand creator, Nicole,