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Podcast | Journey Fellowship

Latest Episodes

How to Love a Man
February 21, 2016

We continue our Love U series and we deal with How to show love to a man in a relationship.

Love/Hate Relationship
January 30, 2016

We look at the relationship between the chURch and the world. How is God calling people to relate to the world?

Praying for my ChURch Leaders
January 23, 2016

In this message we talk about the need for us as chURch members to pray for our leaders.

I Love the ChURch too
January 09, 2016

We explore the concept of loving God and loving the chURch too and why we should.

Do Your Job
January 02, 2016

The chURch functions best when everyone does their job. We take a look at two stories, one from sports and one from the Bible that teach us about that.

A Message to the Outcast
December 19, 2015

We explore the message that the Christmas story has for those on the outside of society.

No Excuse Zone
December 05, 2015

When we are called upon to serve do we give a number of excuses. God wants to move us to the No Excuse Zone.

Rich in Justice
November 29, 2015

We have received richly from God and are called to be agents of giving restorative justice in the world.

Rich Future
November 21, 2015

We need to plan financially for our future. Listen to this podcast on planning for a Rich Future.

Rich in Generosity
November 14, 2015

What are some of the dangers of riches? What can we do to avoid being caught up in those dangers? Listen to this podcast on the antidote to the dangers of riches.