Johnny Vaughan On Radio X Podcast

Johnny Vaughan On Radio X Podcast

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Acting Cues, Cruise News & Doo Bee Doos
December 01, 2023

This week, Woody Harrelson, Andy Serkis & Louisa Harland drop by to chat about their new play. Plus, we talk the best jobs to ‘doo bee doo’ to and Gav has an 18th century clock maker erecting a giant organ, befitting his heroic little slot.Hear Johnn

Cow Cuddles, Commando Truckers & Shakira Shakira
November 24, 2023

This week, the Cornish are back at their attention-seeking worst, we give thanks to Gavins and an 18th Century watchmaker does some ingenious things with his big hand in The Woodmans heroic little slot. Enjoy!Hear Johnny on Radio X every weekday at 4pm

Flat-faced Cats, Locker Room Bantz & Power of the Leech
November 17, 2023

This week, we sweep the leg of truth in the dojo of deceit for more acts of Bullshido, the team take on another TJ Top 10 and The Woodman has a gentleman scientist from the Victorian age harnessing the power of the leech to predict bad wind in his heroic

Bagpipes, Starfish & Denise van Outen
November 10, 2023

This is Episode 392. In numerology, the Angel number 392 indicates that you deserve to be happy. Your divine guides are asking you to embrace joy. And thats exactly what this podcast (392) is asking you to do. This week you can embrace the joy of bagpipe

Witchcraft, Death Manes & Violent Retching
November 03, 2023

This week, show hero Teej takes on a mission impossible. Plus, Jilly Cooper talks erotica and the Woodman has killer on the loose again, getting a bit spicy in his heroic little slot.Hear Johnny on Radio X every weekday at 4pm across the UK on digital ra

Prince, Elton John & Flying Toddlers
October 27, 2023

After a week off, Johnny and the Thang Gangwer back with a bang. This week, the team play 'Lamb or Lambo' and also discover the unfortunate news that sadly... Southend has fallen. Plus, Teej has a cracking story about Prince & Elton John that you simp

Wellness Charlatans, Living For Monday & New Wine Champions
October 20, 2023

Johnny was on holiday this week, but fear not(!), in his absence, we have a bonus edition of the podcast for you. It's business as usual as the hunt goes on for the world's greatest nickname, as well as a cracking Martin's Hot Tap. Plus, the team 'Play Yo

Half Jobs, Old Pants & Genetically Edited Chickens
October 13, 2023

This week, the team try to work out what to do with Johnny's old pants and you tell us how youd genetically edit chickens to make them more useful. Plus, we have plenty more of your long running disputes.You can hear Johnny on Radio X every weekday at 4p

AI Commercials, Big Straw Hats & Phone Busking
October 06, 2023

This week, we discuss which celebrities we want to see AI use in fake commercials, and Johnny's got a top tip if you want to earn a quick buck in Central London.You can hear Johnny on Radio X every weekday at 4pm across the UK on digital radio, 104.9 FM i

Toilet Talk, Big Lasers & Evening Minglers
September 29, 2023

This week, Johnny has a bit of toilet trouble; we try to usher in the laser age and The Woodman has a filthy rich playboy, going at it for 24hrs in his heroic little slot! You can hear Johnny on Radio X every weekday at 4pm across the UK on digital radio