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09.05.2021. Best in Class
May 09, 2021

This week’s edition brings together Joe, Will and the long-awaited return of Lewis, to talk the protests and Manchester United’s Old Trafford, last week. The guys ask questions of the Glazer ownership, and in light of the recent Super League fiasco dis...

02.05.2021. Absolutely Steve.
May 02, 2021

Teddy and Joe refuse to allow any other of the JB crew on for this week’s pod, as they simply wanted all the airtime to themselves to talk two absolutely outstanding European ties of football. Yes, the Champions League has reached the really fun part,

23.04.2021. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
April 23, 2021

A sombre and sweary tone for this week’s pod as Teddy is forced to witness five grown men become deeply emotional about something they were very worried about losing. Thankfully, the capitalists rocked up to thwart the hyper-capitalists,

19.04.2021. Cool Run-ins.
April 19, 2021

Joe described it as ‘better than sex’ and Will is yet to deny it, but in person for the first time ever, two non family related members of the JB crew record an actual podcast in the same space. It was wild. Armed with coffees, bagels and curious dog,

11.04.2021 State of the Nation
April 11, 2021

This Sunday we devote to a listener inspired question, regarding the landscape of coaching in England. Joe, Jimmy, Mark and Will discuss the currents issues affecting the England set-up and pose possible solutions along the way.

08.04.2021 Too Many Mendys.
April 08, 2021

The Champions League is back and more importantly, so is Will. All sporting a variety of lockdown themed hairstyles, Joe (trusty topknot), Jimmy (Goonies extra vibes), Will (Kenickie) and MTT (designer greys)-come together to chat the stupendously good...

04.03.2021. Dead or Alive
April 04, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year..that’s right, Easter with it’s 4 day holiday vibe is here. Teddy is already at the beach and his been since Wednesday, which is why he was able to produce an Oddities XI of absolute pearlers,

28.03.2021. Choupo-Moting Go.
March 28, 2021

Keeping the family affair vibes rolling, Joe, George, Jimmy and Teddy return for more football chat. After everyone got excited about Xabi Alonso about possibly becoming the new Gladbach manager ( they disappointed that he wasn’t) we got all excited ab...

26.03.2021. Carvaggio Southgate
March 26, 2021

A Friday episode ( due to Joe getting older) where we bring you World Cup Qualifying Realness. George joins Joe, Jimmy and Teddy to create a family affair where Jimmy begins the pod very positive about England and ends it somewhat deflated.

21.03.2021. Northern Pangean Super League
March 21, 2021

This Sunday, we switch our lense to wide angle and discuss two big topics coming out of football this week. Andrea Agnellis’ new proposal for a revamped Champions League format comes under scrutiny from the Haffs (father and son duo) and Joe gets all ‘...