The Joel Michalec Show

The Joel Michalec Show

Joel Michalec Show 138: Throwback Tech

June 27, 2021

Welcome to The Joel Michalec Show Featuring The Lovely Sharen. The cloud-based password storage tank, LastPass has been hacked and compromised. So if you are a use of this web service it has been recommended that you logon and change your master password. Though LastPass officials say that other stored passwords have not been compromised, they do recommend that if you used the same password as the master password for any other site then you should change that as well.

Microsoft Windows 10 is now about a month away but guess what? They are clouding all the speculation and facts about who gets it free, how you get it free and how you are treated after you get it free. It is all very confusing and we invite you to read it all here in this article and judge for yourself what you think. There are some good alternatives to Windows so make wise decisions. Article:

Check out Joel's latest Op-Ed regarding users who may still be using and enjoying Windows XP. Read it here:

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